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CEll Sculpt Non-Surgical Face Treatment

CEll Sculpt Radio Frequency and Vacuum RF Therapy consists of a targeted anti-ageing approach to reduce eye fat bags, double chins and facial expression lines. It is especially effective at treating upper lip, jowls and the neck area. Generally, you will see an improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and facial contouring from 4 weeks after your first treatment.

What results can I expect from CEll Sculpt facial treatment?

Results can be seen from treatment one, however fluid retention and eye bag reduction results normally take affect from week three, and skin restructuring effects are normally visible six weeks post initial treatment.


How many treatments are recommended?

A course of treatments is typically advised by your CEll Sculpt specialist. To achieve maximum results normally 6-8 treatments are recommended.

What will I experience during treatment?

The size of the treatment area determines the duration of the session. During the body treatment a handheld probe delivering ultrasound energy & heat gently glides over the marked area. The next stages of the body and facial treatment are similar with a sensation of heat and suction. Most treated clients report the treatments to be painless and a comfortable experience.