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IPL Hair Reduction

How does Intense Pulse Light remove hair?

This incredible new therapy is based on emitting high intensity pulses of light through the skin, thelight is then absorbed by the Melanin in the hair. This absorption transports the heat to the hair follicle which is heated to 80°C for a millisecond, thus destroying it. Hundreds of follicles are
destroyed by each flash, and the hairs then fall out in 1-2 weeks.

Is IPL treatment painful?

The sensation of pain is extremely variable from one individual to another. It can depend on the concentration of Melanin in the skin, hair size and hair density. This is why the darker the skin, the greater the sensation. It should be noted that a sensation of prickling may persist for 1-2
weeks after a session.

Can all types of hair be treated?

The darker the hair (the richer the melanin content), the better the result. White and red hairs cannot be removed using this method.

Are there any side effects?

In the majority of cases there are no visible secondary effects. In certain cases there may be redness in the treated area, local oedema or peri follicular papullae (goose bumps). These effects will disappear several hours after the treatment.

How do we know if sufficient treatment has been given?

In the majority of cases, there is no immediate visible effect. Redness around the hair follicle and easy removal of the hair using tweezers are both signs that the treatment has been successful.

How many sessions are necessary?

It is estimated that around 20% of hairs are in their growth phase at any one time. Normally 6 sessions should be recommended, however this may alter. (4-8 weeks apart).


Treatment Prices

  • Face treatments from £45

  • Body Treatments from £50

  • Arms and Legs from £50

Treatment prices and options will be discussed during your initial free patch test and consultation.