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Laser Studio

Laser Tattoo Removal

Our Aesthetician is qualified to level 4 standard and combined with the latest technology we can work with most pigments and inks to achieve optimum results.

The laser beam emitted by this system has a strong penetration ability, thus allowing it toreach the deep layers of the dermis. The pigmented cells absorb the light energy andexplode sharply, bursting into tiny pieces, thus reducing the colour density of the tattoo.

Initial consultation is free and if you decide to go ahead we will patch test a small area to gauge the outcome of the treatment.

Semi – Permanent Make up Removal/ Correction

Over the past few years technology and pigments have changed and many people today are left with brows that have a pink or bluish tint to them. Now we have the technology and skill to take out the old pigments to leave a blank canvas ready for a new set of brows or lip liner.

If during the course of our consultation and patch testing your pigment is not suitable, we have an alternative liquid removal method that has proved successful with our clients.

Vascular Treatment & Age Spots (pigmentation)

The machine can effectively treat mutant pigmentation and vascular tissue (thread veins).

The method used is called ‘selective heat absorption’ and is the principle by which these machines operate. Basically the pigmentation is broken down by the laser and absorbed into the body.

Carbon Laser Facial

Freshen the complexion and reduce pore size and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

No downtime. Great treatment for blackhead and whitehead removal.

Fungal Nail Treatment

Using the same principle as tattoo removal the laser targets the pigment within the fungus.

This treatment is quicker and more effective than the traditional anti – fungal drug therapy.

Research has shown that the infection can be clear after 2 treatments.

Carbon Facial Demonstration